As more and more digital OOH locations are being built across the globe, its Arran’s role to ensure MediaCom are taking full advantage of both the technology and Mediacom’s scale in the UK. Arran Joined MediaCom in 2011, having previously held positions at both vendor side, and the two largest OOH specialist in the UK market, and now is Head of OOH Trading for MediaCom UK, responsible for the best part of £100m OOH spend in the UK.

“My whole professional career has been centred, in the main, around posters. So when digital screens started appearing all over the place, it gave this age old, steady, reliable medium a brand new lease of life and really got me thinking about all the untapped potential there is in the market. I have spent recent years looking for ways we can take advantage of these technologically advanced posters, from interaction, shock value, and gamification right through to automation, which is what has been the most interesting aspect of what we’ve managed to achieve so far. I’ve been working on taking the best of DOOH which is available to us, and bring the fixed panel based buying methods in to the future, introducing data driven CPM trading across the UK market in an automated fashion. We are truly market leading in that sense within the UK. I’ve a huge passion for technology, and if I’m not researching the latest bits of tech out there, or smartening up my home, I’m looking for ways to express that passion in my day job, meaning I feel lucky to hold the role I do. Having been at MediaCom for nearly 7 years, working for the UK’s first £1bl agency has been a brilliant experience, so far. We hold a very unique place in the OOH market in the UK, being the first inhouse OOH department, meaning we’re fully integrated within the agency and in client teams making the work we deliver for clients a real media system, with one channel feeding the other and with the technology now available to us, and the capabilities of the digital screens every growing OOH and DOOH especially can play an integral part of our clients media activity ”

Having launched the first UK DOOH trading desk, Arran sit in and works closely with the Programmatic Futures Team to ensure all systems and development work is future proofed for integration in to the wider agency groups and Group M Systems.